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We believe we offer the most complete site available on the web. However, examining additional viewpoints are always beneficial. We have collected entry points to selected site Contact us to add your site, or if you know of one we are missing.

Government, Educational, and Professional Society Sites
(Listed in alphabetical order)

  1. Educational
    1. Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Decision Analysis Society, promotes the development and use of logical methods for the improvement of decision-making in public and private enterprise.
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Deming's Total Quality Management pages.
    3. McGill University, Value Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department.
    4. Staffordshire University, Department of Engineering, Design Procedures in Engineering, explains for students how value engineering can be used during the design phase of a product's life-span.
    5. University of Leeds, United Kingdom, Civil Engineering, Value Management Group, examining the use of value management to improve processes, its measurement, and benchmarking.
    6. University of Virginia, Design Rationale for Value Engineering
    7. University of Western Australia, Value Engineering and Simplification Analysis, lecture notes written by Chris Croft. Primarily intended for students studying "Engineering Operations Management" at the University.
    8. University of Wisconsin - Madison, Has two college level courses available in their degree program Value Engineering I, and Value Engineering II, Primarily intended for students studying "Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" at the University, they also operate short course version similar to those operated by SAMI.
  2. Federal Government (United States of America) (Governmental sites tend not to recognize the economic value of a stable URL. Accordingly, they often move the locations. If you encounter a bad link, you may need to check the root site and examine for new links.)
    1. US Army
      1. Corps of Engineers
        1. New York District, Value Engineering Office
        2. Washington, DC, HQ, Value Engineering, Program Homepage
      2. C4IEWS, Value Concepts Office
      3. Redstone Missile Command
    2. US Department of Energy
      1. Using Value Engineering, as one of the Government Performance Reform Act performance tools in Life-cycle Asset Management.
      2. Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), Value Engineering/Analysis Center (VE/AC)
    3. US Department of the Interior
      1. Department of Interior, Office of Managing Risk and Public Safety, VE Program
      2. Bureau of Reclamation, Value Program
        1. Tools and Guidance
        2. VECP's
        3. Recommended Timing
    4. Various Others
      1. Federal Highway Administration, Value Engineering program
      2. Federal Transit Administration: Lessons Learned Program
      3. General Services Administration FAR's, FAR 52.248 and FAR 48
      4. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), VE Homepage
  3. Federal and Local Government (Non-US)
    1. Canadian British Columbia Ministry of Municipal Affairs VE Circular
    2. New South Wales, Department of Public Works and Services
    3. United Kingdom, Department of Trade and Industry, Value Management, A Quick Guide
  4. State Governments (US)
    1. Arkansas, Department of Transportation
      1. Historical results
    2. California, Department of Transportation
      1. Information about Caltrans VA
      2. Historical results
      3. Suggested forms
      4. Guides for reports etc
    3. Minnesota, Department of Transportation
      1. Savings summary
    4. Missouri, Department of Transportation
      1. Excel speadsheet of VECP's in 2007
    5. North Carolina, Department of Transportation
      1. Policies and proceedures
      2. VECP's and proposals
    6. Ohio, Department of Transportation
      1. Excel VECP's History
    7. Utah, Department of Transportation
      1. VE Manual of Instruction
      2. Life Cycle Cost Information and Guide
      3. VE Related UDOT Standard and Supplemental Specifications
      4. UDOT VE Policy and Procedure 08A4-1
    8. Washington, Department of Transportation
      1. VE Tools and Information
      2. Awards
      3. Annual Report
    9. VE Manual of Instruction
  • Professional Societies and Organizations
    1. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) VE Home Page
    2. Canadian Value Analysis Society (CSVA). The site is available in French or English versions.
    3. Hong Kong Institute of Value Management
    4. Hong Kong Council on Productivity
    5. Institute of Value Management Australia
    6. Institute of Value Management UK
    7. Japanese Society of Value Engineering (aka, Society of Japanese Value Engineering- site is mainly in Japanese)
    8. Miles Value Foundation, (SAMI is proud to be a contributing sponsor)
    9. SAVE International, the oldest value society. Specialized in conferences, local chapters, and traditional activities.
    10. Renaissance Leadership Institute Center Journal for "Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems" (TRIZ).
    11. VeToday. The world first vertical portal for Value Engineering and related information, (SAMI is proud to be a contributing sponsor).

  • SAMI and Other Companies and Services
    (Listed in alphabetical order, including SAMI VE LLC. )

    1. Acumen VE, offers value services through a consultant collective. A small business for VE owned by a woman.
    2. Learn VE, offers online systems to learn VE anywhere in the world.
    3. SAMI VE LLC (SAMI), consultants in decision processes, and training for decision processes.
    4. VECP Consulting, is the only VECP consulting service specializing in the VECP process and offering VECP generation, review, and reporting.
    5. VE Reporting, allows any consulting firm to post their results online, saving costs and adding to their visibility.
    6. Wixson Value Associates, Inc., consultant with manufacturing industry background offering facilitation and project management services.

    Above links are a brief list of resources. More will be added as they become known. (Would you like to add your site? Send us an e-mail with a description and the link address..)

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