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General Table of Contents
Page Description Last Major Update Date Change Made
Entry Page of SAMI VE LLC (SAMI) website Sept 2005 Minor Revisions
Listing of currently scheduled open-enrollment classes July 2005 Update class schedules
Locations to serve you Aug 2005 Minor Revisions
DOT, FHWA, state highway, Federal, and other issues Aug 2003 Added clarifications
Recent clients (subject to their approval to be listed) Aug 2005 update clients
Recent results Aug 2005 Added results

General information about SAMI May 2003 Minor Revisions
Results obtained by clients from our services Sept 2005 Revised entry
Highlighted services available March 2003 Minor Revision
Client results (in generic form for confidentiality), see above recent results as well April 2003 Minor Revision
Summary discussion March 2003 Updated
Brief resume and cooperative agents discussion January 2003 Updated
Contact form March 2003 Updated

General definition of the Value Method and its application Aug 2005 Minor Revision
Value Method job plan used by SAMI VE LLC Apr 2003 Incorporated plan revisions

Standardized course descriptions (custom courses also available) June 2003 Revised entry

Highlighted products available by mail, classes, or as a result of services provided (may be ordered using this page as a form or order services) June 2003 Added products
Selection phase training sampler March 2003 Updated
Selection assistant template form for use Dec 2003 Improved online sheet

Program options June 2003 First installed

Federal government issues and requirements July 2003 Added options
Federal government results Nov 2004 Added 2004 results

Using the VECP to increase profit March 2003 Updated
Coprisa is a way of obtaining value services on a limited budget June 2003 First installed

Copies of papers and other documents January 2003 Added papers
Using search engines. Free hints and examples of methods to use. Engines selected have an optimum technique preloaded in its window. (You can change it before you submit it to the search engine.) February 2003 Revised engine actions
Selected references May 2003 Added references
Links to other sites that include information about the Value Method Dec 2003 Revised outdated links

On-line ordering and downloading of templates at a reduced cost Dec 2003 In revision

Customer Table of Contents

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Area No. Page Description Last Date Updated Status
K1 General facilitation discussion (one page pdf) May 2005 First posting on web
K2 Facilitation in construction engineering projects (one page pdf) May 2005 First posting on web
K3 Facilitation in manufacturing engineering projects (one page pdf) May 2005 First posting on web
K4 Details of what occurs in a facilitation (one page pdf) May 2005 First posting on web
K5 Capacities of SAMI VE LLC (one page pdf) December 2004 First posting on web
K6 VECP's and the contractor (one page pdf) August 2005 First posting on web
K100 Introduction of VEVA for Manufacturing Executives and Managers (flash) August 2005 Major updates using Flash, first posting of a web version
T1 VE Incentive Clause for Contacting Officers, On-line Training Course Jan 2003 Available
T2 VE Incentive Clause for Contractors, On-line Training Course March 2003 Not on-line at present
T3 Value Method for the Manager and Executive, On-line Training Course March 2003 Available
T4 Value Method Introduction/refresher, On-line Training Course March 2003 Available
O1 Value Study Team Leader Operation Guide Overhead Series (Internet version) December 2003 Minor Updates
O2 Module I / Fundamentals and Use Overhead Series (Internet version) January 2004 Major Updates
D1 Template updates and utilities downloading December 2003 All latest updated copies made fully available in exe and zip formats

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