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Facilitation or Value Study Team Leadership

Our Value Method team leader and facilitator services are composed of Value Specialists, Consultants, and Facilitators (several locations are available to serve you). Each facilitator has at least 10-years experience in the Value Method field and business applications and has passed our own process and procedures certification. We have facilitated value studies for design and construction, manufacturing, management decisions, operational processes, marketing development, procurement, quality improvement, patient wellness; as well as many other activities. Typical types value studies that we facilitate are (some results with links to the reports and study operations are online):

Value engineering markerValue Management Studies

Value engineering markerValue Engineering Studies

Value engineering markerValue Analysis Studies

Value engineering markerValue Planning Studies

Support Services

To support activities and your organization, SAMI also offers several support services and products. We have extensive experience and training in operating an effective Value Program within an organization and applying it to the business environment. Our facilitating, communication, and presentation services may be used to assist in other endeavors. If your business needs to supplement technical expertise in a specific value study, we have cooperative agreements to furnish almost any expertise and experience.

Value engineering markerMonitoring Value Study Results (to ensure the organization gets the results implemented)

Value engineering markerEstablishing a Effective Value Program (generating, operating, monitoring, reporting, and maintenance)

Value engineering markerFacilitating Community or Client Consensus (facilitating meetings, conflict management, and feedback meetings)

Value engineering markerPresentations

Value engineering markerValue Study Team Members (we partner with many large firms with many technical disciplines available to add to the needed expertise pool)

Value engineering markerSupport Products (books, overheads, guide tools, template tools, and much more)


SAMI specializes in the use of the Value Method to generate exceptional and innovative alternatives to be used to make high return decisions. Some clients request only consultation and facilitation services. However, SAMI also offers an extensive number standardized courses. Further, upon request, we will tailor courses to match your the interests and needs of your organization or customer. Training can be conducted at your site, a central location, or in one of contracted conference facilities. SAMI trains more people in the process than any other group.

All our trainers are highly qualified and recognized Value Method professionals with extensive experience. Additional course subjects are available through our cooperative agreement agents.

Identifying Opportunities

We use proven systematic Value Method techniques to identify activities that have opportunities for success. Through these processes, we can help you identify estimates for the return of using various consultation services and Value Method training and value study services. Using our identifying opportunities services can help executives, managers, administrators, engineers, and other personnel to obtain the highest return for their business. These identification services include:

Value engineering markerIncreasing Profit in Contacts Through Use of the VE Incentive Clause

Value engineering markerSelection of Activities That Have a Large Potential Return

Value engineering markerValue Study Team Selection

Value engineering markerTraining Needs and Opportunities

Value engineering markerCommunication Roadblocks and Their Removal/Resolution

Business Consultations and Development

SAMI has helped many businesses increase their market through marketing and consultation services. We will examine your operations, identify customer needs and wants, project future markets, and make recommendations of methods your business can do to improve your desired match to your customers. Consultation services include:

Value engineering markerDeveloping and Improving the Customer Base

Value engineering markerIdentifying and Meeting Market Niches

Value engineering markerImproving Customer Service

Value engineering markerOperating Efficiently

Value engineering markerDeveloping a Business Strategy

Contact us today.

We have people available throughout the United States and Canada. To meet your needs and/or assist you, most activities can be done at almost any site.

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