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Need a value engineering partner for your bid? SAMI VE LLC is a Value Engineering specialty firm and can help you get that all important bid. In addition to having CVS (Certified Value Specialist) / CVC (Certified Value Consultant) status, our VEVA facilitators are also licensed PE's (Professional Engineers)

We offer consultation, facilitation and training in the value engineering, analysis, management field. We have clients worldwide. If your RFP includes value engineering, a required value study, certified VE training, VE training in any form, facilitation, mediation, or similar features, the addition of SAMI VE LLC to your contract proposals will help you reach the contract. We know all manufacturing and governmental procedures and requirements. (Federal, state, and governmental contract holders may be interested in examining our page on those issues.)

Get your "value study" requirements meet by one of the most respected groups available and let us help you meet the contract requirements. Depending on its application, the Value Method is also known or specified as:

  • Value Engineering
  • Value Analysis
  • Value Management
  • Value Planning
  • Function Analysis

The is a powerful, creative, value-based decision-making process that has been used worldwide for over 60-years with tremendous success. Businesses and government agencies using the process save costs, and/or increase profits, by as much as billions of dollars every year. These results were often achieved while increasing product quality, usefulness, customer satisfaction, and other increases in essential product component requirement fulfillment. Most of these benefits are provided through the use of "value studies" using highly qualified facilitation services, and team members from the business sponsoring the study.


We have an ongoing open enrollment training program. Our current classes scheduled section lists our current physical course offerings. We also have some online training opportunities. We also offer on-site classes designed specifically designed for you or the directed RFP personnel. You cannot lose when you put SAMI VE LLC on your contract.

Notice: We are a listed as small business, and have a partner agreement with a woman owned small business if this helps your firm.

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