Value Study Potential and Expected ROI

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To calculate the value study potential, enter the following project data.
Enter Project name (required to produce report):
Company name:
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Project estimate (total) =
Amount not available (purchase made, etc) =
High potential from rule of 21 (or similar) =
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Factor section. Typical factors start as a concept level study case.
Basic return typical factor =
High return typical factor =
Mismatch return typical factor =
Please enter the following study data to calculate the value study costs.
Number of days the team committed to full team actions =
Team MembershipDaysUnit cost (inc OH)
VSTL (facilitator) 11 typical days uninterrupted
QVT (assistant) 7 typical days recommended
Full team average 6 typical days recommended - FT team members
Part time team average 2.5 typical days recommended - PT team members
Travel shown is typical for travel team members
press submit to generate a report (requires project name to be present) or modify it.
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