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Many locations to serve you

services worldwide pa, ny, oh, in, mi, nd, sd, ne, mn, ia, mo, wi Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and upper California southern california and las vegas colorado, wyoming, south dakota, nebraska, and new mexico oklahoma city, including whicita kansas Little Rock, Arkansas including memphis toronto south carolina florida maryland, virgina, washington dc, new jersey

Main Offices

Lakewood, CO (within 30 minutes of downtown Denver), 303-674-6900. Includes local office, local resources, and several local cost advantages for studies located in the area. From this location we normally serve Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and of course, Colorado.

Clarksburg MD, phone 301-327-7500. Includes local office, local resources, and several local cost advantages for studies located in the area. Serving Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and the upper northeast.

Franklin PA Phone number is 301-327-7500. Includes main offices, local resources, training center, and local cost advantages. This location is within 300 miles of various major cities. Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, and Akron are airports serving the region. More than 80% of historical US manufacturing firms/offices are within 5 hours of this location (which is why we picked it). From this location we mainly serve Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, parts of Kentucky, and of course, Pennsylvania - see views out window)

Secondary Offices

Jacksonville AR (within 30 minutes of downtown Little Rock). Includes satellite office, local resources, and local cost advantages. This office serves Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, and of course, Arkansas.

Huntington Beach CA (within about 90 minutes of downtown Los Angeles). Includes local contact, local resources, and local cost advantages. Los Angeles and San Diego resource point. Note: We can reach Las Vegas and Boulder Dam from this point.

Norman OK (within 20 minutes of downtown Oklahoma City). Includes satellite office, local resources, and local cost advantages. This location not only serves Oklahoma, but various Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Kansas locations.

South Carolina
Greer SC, Includes local resources, and local cost advantages. Serving North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and of course South Carolina.

Toronto ON Canada
Northern Toronto (Whitby), ON. Includes satellite office, local resources, and local cost advantages. This is our Canada office location enabling access throughout Ontario and similar locations.

Optional temporary locations of various staff that may help you
Norway, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Yes, we have representatives at all these locations. Access is limited, but available.

Worldwide advantages
In many instances, our location really does not matter. SAMI VE LLC is able to offer many advantages that extend anywhere the Internet reaches. Due to our significant web services, reports are available much faster and to more people than ever before. This makes billing faster as it is possible to complete your contract requirements in minutes rather that using other process to dissimilate the reports. Further, many value added capacities are made available through this service. In many cases, your management can actually monitor the study each day from their office [example] through our online services.

Local cost advantages
In addition to reductions in call costs, all locations offer service cost reductions due to the presence of the local office. While we cannot guarantee that a local person will be available for a specific study, each office offers cost reduction value. Our Pennsylvania/Ohio, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, and Washington State locations offers significantly reduced local transportation conveyance in addition to the potential of the person being in that area when needed. If your study is actually located in the office served area, lodging costs are usually removed or significantly lessened.


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Many locations to serve you.
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