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Value Improvement Practices as Specified by IPA and as Performed by SAMI VE LLC

Background: The IPA group is an independent auditing and consulting firm and are NOT a part of SAMI VE LLC. However, IPA often recommends a company reach their goals by use of various "value improvement practices." IPA was originally commissioned by a large number of companies to examine if VIP's worked. Their initial results, presented in a conference in 1996, demonstrated that the value profession results cited in the industry were valid and real. Only practices with a demonstrated statistically reliable connection between us and better outcomes are deemed VIP's. Value Engineering, Value Analysis, Value Planning, Value Management, and Function to Cost Analysis are all cited as VIP's. Again, WE ARE NOT IPA.

IPA and Your Business: If your company has obtained a IPA audit, you have probably had several VIP's recommendations. Our firm specializes in helping your business perform the VIP and ensure you attain the intended benefits. Further, our reporting system can be used in future audits to show your executives, stockholders, and clients that the VIP was performed as specified and the benefits were derived. (You may want to see our new on-line presentation for manufacturing executives and management introduction.)

Certifications: SAMI is certified by both International organizations in the performance of the above cited VIP's. Our seal is recognized by many governments and organizations as proof of meeting the VIP performance criteria.

The Next Step: Contact us with your audit and proposed VIP operations. We will help you generate a plan of action to attain the goals outlined within it, and will facilitate (see IPA recommendations in your audit) the "value study."


Note: SAMI is not affiliated or associated with IPA. SAMI and our associates have been performing VIP activities for more than 30-years. Our training and performance in the field is fully certified to the limits known to the International community. We have trained thousands of people worldwide and conducted thousands of successful value studies. SAMI is also the only company that can offer VE reporting tools for internal, stock, custom, and other reporting; including online study sharing; complete online training; and online program operations.

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