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Facilitation and Team Leading Services

Unleash your team's problem-solving talent. Our Value Consultants have helped our client save billions of dollars, increase production, improve quality, generate higher profits, and increase customer satisfaction each and every year.

Imagine you could buy a machine that not only paid for itself in the first year, but returned sixty times its cost in the first year. Plus, it will keep working for year after year after the purchase with little additional cost. Would you buy it? That is the average value return of the Value Improvement Processes (VIP) "installed" by SAMI in 2004-2009.

SAMI VE LLC(Systematic Innovations) has value consultant personnel available to serve our clients (service locations) throughout the US and Canada. For manufacturing applications, we use lean manufacturing, engineering, thinking concepts within our manufacturing value improvement processes. Through our affiliations with other firms, we can also provide people with technical expertise in many fields. Value Studies led by our personnel have produced literally billions of dollars each year in added revenue for our clients.

SAMI uses proven, highly organized processes that generate innovations. SAMI specializes in the use of Value Method procedures and "value studies." Depending on its application, the Value Method is often known as:

  • Value Engineering
  • Value Analysis
  • Value Management
  • Value Planning
  • Function Analysis

We have led studies in almost any type of field in practice today. Our results for manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, and other line processes have occasionally returned clients extremely high returns (2,500:1 and higher). Application results in the construction industry are currently returning 40:1. Management and reorganization results regularly exceed 15:1. Manufacturing applications are averaging $60:1

These results were often achieved while increasing product quality, usefulness, customer satisfaction, and other increases in essential product component requirement fulfillment. Most of these benefits are provided through the use of "value studies" using highly qualified facilitation services, and team members from the business sponsoring the study.

We offer many services and products in the field:

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