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Cooperative Profit Increase Sharing Agreement Options (Coprisa)

Since the Value Method is highly effective and productive, the risk of not obtaining a good return on your investment in it is very low. However, there is no "magic pill" for business. It takes both time and staff to perform the kind of value study that will produce the optimum result that pays high dividends. When you have a small business, expending as much as $60,000 (your own resources, consultant fees, and other costs) to generate the increase in profits you want for your business may be more than your company believes it can handle economically.

For such circumstances, the partnership option of the Coprisa may be an opportunity you would like to consider. Coprisa works like the cost and profit sharing option used in a VECP. In a Coprisa option, the business begins consultant operations by sending business marketing and other information to us. At that time, only a small portion of the initial cost for the activities is repaid. We examine the business documents and information using the selection process, consult with you and some of your clients, and generate a report of possible options. If the selection phase options indicate that the business has a high potential for profit improvement, and the business agrees to a cooperative profit increase sharing agreement option, a contract agreement is put into place to perform subsequent consultant activities. We and our consultants meet with you and your employees and operate "value sessions" as necessary to generate as many profit generating opportunities and improvements as we can. Fees for services are then repaid through increased profits that result from these facilitated operations.

The Coprisa allows the small business to gain the benefits of highly effective profitable services that were formerly only available to the larger business. It only repays the costs and risk through sharing the increased profits. If the business involved doesn't generate increased profits, it doesn't need to write any more checks. If it generates a lot of extra profit, it shares it with the consultant groups that was instrumental in generating the profit. But be prepared. When we enter in to these agreements, it is because we think we can help your business make a lot of profit. And the sharing agreement means you not only make some big deposits, but you write some big checks too. (But who cares, it will all be new increased profit that you would not have had without the services provided.)

Coprisa allows small business to get the benefits of Value Method consultant services and gives them a better chance to compete with large corporations.

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