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VE Consulting Services

Most organizations today are trying to accommodate increasing demands on their facilities, often with inefficient processes, inadequate facilities, or deteriorating systems. To make matters worse, many must meet these demands with decreasing budgets, staff levels and time. We can help. We have many remote access processes that remove much of these issues.

Awakened to the need for a proven tool to assure that design, construction, and operations of projects provide optimum quality, performance, and economy, many organizations are still turning to value engineering (we have many remote access processes for our applications). The difficulty they often face is trying to implement a process that few people are familiar or comfortable with. They need answers to important questions about value engineering:

  • What projects are good candidates for a VE study? (Check out our analysis tool.)
  • Should we do VE on all projects, even if they are similar to one another?
  • How much benefit will a VE study generate?
  • When during the development of the project should we do a VE study?
  • Should we do more than one VE study on a project?
  • Should we use in-house staff for team members or consultants?
  • How many team members do we need on a project?
  • What is the best study duration and what kind of study is optimum?
  • What level of expertise and experience do we need from the technical team members and the VE team leader?
  • How will VE fit into the existing organizational structure?
  • What are the resource requirements for maintaining an active VE program?

Value engineering is a powerful tool, but it is most powerful when it is appropriately structured and tailored to the needs of the organization and the capital program.

To help our clients maximize the benefits of VE, SAMI VE LLC has developed a service to help organizations develop formal, structured guidelines and procedures for implementing value engineering. Even organizations already doing VE on capital projects benefit from the increased consistency and quality of VE results from our modern value improvement process approach. Our clients yield a higher return on investment in their program. Our VE program development service includes the following:

  • Analysis of projects, procedures, and organizational structure
  • Development of guidelines and procedures for defining VE effort
  • Recommendations on structuring and managing a VE program within the organization
  • Development of a Value Engineering Program Guidance Manual, which describes VE program management, procedures to augment existing project management procedures, and VE study management procedures
  • Recommendations and tailored plans for implementing VE on ongoing projects as well as projects in the long-term capital improvement plan
  • Training on how to use the guidelines provided in the Value Engineering Program Guidance Manual
  • raining for project managers and potential VE team members on the fundamentals and application of VE

SAMI VE LLC's value professionals have a high degree of expertise in implementing value engineering programs. We have worked with and helped develop or enhance many of the major value programs across the U.S. and Canada today. For most of our clients, SAMI VE LLC's approach to implementing value engineering on capital projects is used as the standard with which others must comply.

Every organization is different and has different goals for a VE program. SAMI VE LLC learns the needs and operations of the organization to ensure that its VE program is structured for long-term success. We begin with in-depth analysis of the organization, follow up by developing clear and useful guidelines and recommendations, and complete our assistance with thorough training of key staff members.

VE Consulting Activities

Initial Analysis

SAMI VE LLC begins is program development efforts with a review and analysis of the organization's organizational manufacturing, capital, or other efforts; project management procedures; and organizational structure- including formal and informal chains of command. This review provides us insight into the issues that will support or undermine a VE program.

Capital Improvement Program

The operational review determines the level of VE effort to plan for each project. This involves interviewing select project managers and division managers to obtain a better understanding of the scope and complexity of key projects. We review the size and complexity of each project and gather information on any political factors driving the project. This information, together with project schedules, is used to establish specific value engineering plans for each project in the capital improvement program.

Project Management Procedures

SAMI VE LLC reviews with organizational staff any current or planned project management procedures to determine how best to incorporate the VE program into them. As a minimum, we typically analyze the procedures for the following activities:

  • How projects are initiated
  • Methods for establishing budgets for operations, activities, and training
  • Means for obtaining funds for planning, design, construction/manufacturing and operations
  • Current methods used in setting planning, design, and construction/manufacturing schedules
  • Planning and design/process review procedures

This analysis provides SAMI VE LLC with the information necessary to develop a VE program that will provide the maximum benefit within current project management procedures and minimize impacts on design schedules and budgets.

Organizational Structure Review and Analysis

The review and analysis of organizational structure helps us understand how the subject organization really works. We review such items as:

  • Organization charts and the formal chains of command
  • Informal chains of command and how are decisions ultimately made
  • The best location in the organizational structure for the VE Program
  • Potential "champions" and how the organization can maintain the support in the event they leave

This information prepares us to make recommendations on structuring the program for long-term success.

Guidelines and Recommendations Generation

Once we have a thorough understanding of an organization's internal workings and needs, SAMI VE LLC will prepare a Value Engineering Program Guidance Manual. This manual provides the necessary criteria and procedures to establish and maintain a successful value engineering program. It includes the information needed to implement a VE program that will meet today's needs and be flexible for tomorrow's changes.

Elements of the typical Value Engineering Program Guidance Manual include the following:

  • Recommendations on the proposed organizational structure the VE program
  • Recommendations for staffing the program
  • Procedures for getting someone within the organization on a VE career path
  • A proposed budget for operating the VE program
  • Procedures for documenting the program's success
  • Procedures to maximize acceptance and implementation of recommendations from VE studies
  • A sample RFP for soliciting consultant VE services
  • Guidelines for selecting value engineering consultants
  • Generating long range value engineering training plan and budget
  • The tools necessary to develop VE plans and budgets for projects outside the current capital improvement program
  • Value Engineering project plans for projects in the program that warrant a VE study; the project plans specify:
    • The appropriate number of studies
    • The appropriate duration of studies
    • The level of team member expertise required
    • The anticipated source for team leader and members (in-house or consultant)
    • A preliminary team composition by disciplines and associated budget.


Any new program or way of doing business in an organization needs some training of key people at the very least. To assure the successful implementation and longevity of a new VE program, SAMI VE LLC can provide training for a wide range of key staff members.

VE for Management
SAMI VE LLC will conduct a seminar for those in upper and middle management to clarify how value engineering works, its benefits to the organization, and how they can support a VE program. This seminar helps participants understand their role in VE efforts and how to contribute to the program's success.

VE for Project Managers
Another SAMI VE LLC training seminar provides project managers with the following information about value engineering:

  • The steps in the VE process and how each one works
  • Real-life examples of what VE has done for others and can do for the project managers and their organization
  • How to implement it on specific projects.

VE for Team Members
We also have seminars for prospective VE team members that equips participants with a basic understanding of the value engineering process. Participants will learn to work more efficiently under the direction of an experienced value engineering team leader. Available online or in person

Module I and/or Fundamentals Training
SAMI offers both physical and online training that teaches participants the fundamentals of value engineering. They learn to serve as well-informed team members on a VE study or to lead a VE effort on certain types of projects. Ours is the most comprehensive educational program available in value engineering.

VE Guidance Manuals
In addition to generating the initial manuals, we can offer training on how to use the Value Engineering Program Guidance Manual is an integral part of the organizations overall development of a formal VE program for client organizations. This course usually provides participants with:

  • An introduction to VE principles
  • An overview of how the new VE program will work
  • Instruction on how to use the Guidance Manual to implement the VE program

Follow up Maintenance

SAMI VE LLC is uniquely qualified to help your organization maintain even an established program. With our VECP, VE Reporting, Training (physical and online), and other capacities, we have helped organizations maintain programs affecting tens of thousands of staff and large numbers of clients.

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