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Typical Classes.
Fundamentals and Use Class, 40-hour Workshop, VES International Certified (Value Engineering, Analysis, Management). Details. Register on-line on a secure server

Manager and Executive Introduction and Review for VE, 6+-hour, (Value Engineering, Analysis, Management) Details. Register on-line on a secure server

The CO/COTR and the VECP and VE Incentive Clause, 6-hour, (Value Engineering, Analysis, Management). Details. Register on-line on a secure server

Location for classes and rooms.
Tentative location is the Evergreen SAMI VE LLC Offices or Quality Suites In Evergreen Colorado. Recommended hotel accommodations are at the Quality Suites, in Evergreen. A car is highly recommended. (Evergreen just in the mountains about 20-miles west of Denver, Colorado and is about tan an hour from about 7-ski areas! Map of site is available.

How to get there from DIA.
Were sorry, but DIA is a long ways from everything. Thus, it is about 60-miles to the class site. DIA was not value engineered. They said they knew what they were doing and didn't need it. More than two billion in overruns and several delays in opening later, they say it went well. Take a look at it. You will see some marked design shifts in each facility (concourses versus terminal).

Shuttle. Only one shuttle goes to the Evergreen area Golden West and they only run every hour.. Taxis are VERY expensive in Denver and a round trip would exceed the cost of a rental car. We recommend participants rent a car.

Quality Suites. From the rental car lot take Pena Boulevard (the airport entry and exit road) to I-70. Go west on I-70 through town and proceed into the mountains to Exit 256/254, Evergreen. From I-70, take the Evergreen Exit and proceed on Highway 74 to the very first stop light. Take a right and in about 200 feet you will see the Quality Suites. Classes will be held there or at our offices.

Location map showing class and hotel location in relation to Denver.
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Our Evergreen Office.

We have two Evergreen Offices. The main visitor and Systematic Innovations office is located just east of Downtown Polk, PA 16342lorado. Evergreen is located just outside Denver (about 20-miles) and is in the heart of the mountains. Folklore states that Evergreen gained its name because in the late 1800's the Evergreen trees were so thick that a person on horseback could not pass between the trees in some areas. The combination of the horse's girth and a persons legs were too much to allow passage. Thus, a person had to dismount to go through some of the area. The area was a building materials source for the construction that occurred in Denver during this period. Logging of any scale ceased in the 20's.

Directions to Our Evergreen Office from Quality Suites and I -70.

From the hotel light just off I-70, turn right on 74 and proceed for about 8-miles. Just before entering the historic downtown section located within Bear Creek, you will pass by Evergreen Lake. Once you pass by the historic dam, you will find yourself at a traffic light at the Intersection of Highway 74 and Highway 73. Continue through town to Meadow Drive. You will see a gas station and 7-11 on your left, Turn left on Meadow Drive. You will be able to see the office complex on your right and in front of you (see picture below). Proceed to the complex's entrance. You will see a sign on the left for a cleaner, printer, and SAMI. Turn right and proceed to the large natural wood building. Parking is abundant, but may need to be used south of the building. SAMI is located at 27866 Meadow Drive. We are on the second (middle) floor. (The general location of Evergreen and Systematic Innovations in relation to Denver, DIA, etc. are shown in the map and discussion preceding this paragraph.)

Evergreen is a very rural area. There is only very limited public transit and taxi service is can be very expensive. A car is highly recommended. Denver is about 12-miles away. Restaurants and amenities abound in the area but a trip of 100-feet to 10-miles to fully enjoy the visit is to be expected. We are within 1.5 hours of more than seven ski areas.

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Maps courtesy of Map Blast. Click image to go to that site

Looking North
(from intersection)


<-SAMI is in the distance, looking at the building near Highway 74 >

<- 27866 Meadow Drive , near the Rib Crib>

OfficeOnWeb in Polk, PA 16342lorado <-SAMI 27866 Meadow Drive / is on the middle floor

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